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Greer Stucco, Lath & Plaster was established in 1981.

As a California State Licensed Contractor, we carry all the necessary bonds and insurances for our clients and our crew.

Our crew is tight knit, and takes pride in working like a finely tuned sports team. It consists of sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, and close friends. Most of the crew are journeymen, and have been with us for 6 to 19 years . Each crew member is a thoroughly trained artisan.

Everyone at Greer Stucco realizes that client satisfaction and job performance directly relate to rate of pay and increased benefits.

A job well done, and happy clients make for a successful crew and additional work for everyone.

We take pride in our work.

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Crew Member Position Years w/ company
Scott Greer Owner 26 Tennis
Chris Martin Lath Foreman, Jman Plasterer 19 Tennis
Garrett Greer Interior Specialist 12 Snowboarding
Lynne (Majors) Greer Office Manager 11 Cooking
Chad Gunn Journeyman Plasterer 7 Quads
Wes Greer  Journeyman Plasterer 7 Pool
James Guiffra  Journeyman Plasterer 6 Tennis
Matt Duffett  Head Hod Carrier 5 Jet Skiing
Taylor Majors  Lather 3 Mechanics
Jack Duffett  Hod Carrier  2 Basketball
Pauli Greer  Apprentice Lather 2 Horses

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